‘Most impressive was violinist Lenneke van Staalen, with her refined and inspired playing’  ( Volkskrant, 2009)

‘The hall is packed and everybody listens breathless. The experiment alone, to combine seemingly uncombinable music, deserves an applause, which in the end is given by the audience in the form of a standing ovation.’ (Radio 6, 2011)

‘Her passion flamed….a sonorous example of how haunting swing and melodious lyricism can be united.’ (Volkskrant, 2007)

‘Precise and poetic… The classical Indian improvised music blends perfectly with the composed Western classical’ (Volkskrant, 2010)

‘A mesmerizing bridge between East and West. A convincing inspired performance.’  (Zeeuws Dagblad, 2010)

‘Kailash Ensemble’s recital was an alluring display of Indian and Western classical music that did not erase the identity of either stream.’ (the Hindu, 2013)

‘Lenneke masters perfectly the slides and ornamentations that are so typical for Indian music.’

‘In Raga (ter Veldhuis) we hear how perfectly Indian music mixes with the character of a string quartet; Music that organically flows along without tabla, violin or string quartet intruding on each other. It is breathtakingly beautiful; One can only conclude that improvised music can mix perfectly with composed music. The borders between Jazz and Classical are totally and wonderfully ignored. ‘ (Radio 6, 2010)